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Experienced Personal Consulting : 45 years in science


The art of chemistry medicine and science shaping your lifestyle

Our services are distilled from 40 years experience in chemistry medicine nutrition and toxicology

We use our 40 years plus experience in chemistry , medicine , Nutrition , food science and lifestyle  to show you by real example using our own life, friends worldwide as evidence that we have had impact on them

Service #2

In this picture which was taken by myself in Nobel price laureate meeting I attended in Lindau

You can email us and feel free to ask any question related to our services which are summarized here: using our 45 years in science medicine nutrition chemistry research which tailored to prevent you from almost all diseases. We focus on prevention . You email us with question and we reply you by showing you real life examples.

Service #3 Exercise is the key to healthy life

Follow #MusclMissfitness my daughter Sueha Nasser owner of women fitness center in Michigan

My daughter sueha owns a ladies gym #musclemissfitness , Sueha is a certified fitness trainer with degree in psychology . Her business is  a result of her understanding the value of healthy lifestyle and positive thinking . Exercises , fasting and loving  helping others as wholesome entity can be described as the emperor of health